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6S Lean Management need to be Implemented to each Department and Everyone

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Lean management comes from lean production.

Lean production is known as the most suitable organization management style for modern manufacturing enterprises, originated from Toyota Motor Corporation. It was presented by James. P.Womack and other experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After their investigation and comparative analysis of more than 90 automobile manufacturing plants in 17 countries around the world through the "International Automobile Program (IMVP)", They believed that the production method of Toyota Motor Corporation is the most suitable organization management style.

Lean management requires the use of "Lean Thinking" in all activities of the enterprise. The core of "lean thinking" is to create as much value as possible on time (JIT) with minimum resource input, including manpower, equipment, capital, materials, time and space, and provide customers with new products and timely services.

In order to further improve the company's management level, reduce costs, increase benefits, and enhance corporate brand awareness, the company's leaders decided to implement lean management.

On June 3, the company held a lean management start-up meeting. After the meeting, Gao Hu, director of the company's service management center, conducted training on lean management.

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After the training, all departments and workshops started act quickly, and made lean improvements such in the areas of offices, workshops, pre-work meetings, machinery and equipment, and power distribution rooms. According to the acceptance of the company leaders finally, remarkable results that we have achieved appear in our eyes.

Clean and Tidy Office

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Power distribution room with clear marking and precise positioning

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There is no end to lean work. The company takes lean management as a normal work and continues to deepen it, striving to build the company into a green, environmentally friendly, comfortable and efficient  excellent enterprise in the shortest possible time.

Post time: Jan-03-2023