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A touch of red in March -Safety Management in daily life

April 12th, 2021

In early spring and March, Pannext also ushered in its 28th spring in China.


During daily inspections, the Safety Department requires all female workers in the factory to wear protective caps in accordance with the principle of "discovering hidden dangers and solving hidden dangers" to avoid entanglement of long hair of female workers by machines in operation and to eliminate potential safety hazards. The company responded quickly and all departments actively cooperated. On April 12th, protective hats for female workers were fully distributed, forming a red landscape in the workshop.

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The beautiful scenery is picturesque.

Pannext in Beautiful Spring

The green trees are sprouting,

the spring scenery is picturesque.

Produces beautiful,

blossoming red flowers.

Obey the rules and discipline,

eliminate hidden dangers.

Production must be safe,

happy you and me.

Post time: Mar-20-2023