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Lean management helps enterprises leapfrog development (Part 2)

Oct. 26th, 2020

Details determine success or failure, and lean achieves quality. Lean management, as a thinking and concept, a tool and method, a standard and requirement, uses the least resources to create the greatest value. Facing the new situation and new requirements of enterprise development, comprehensively promoting lean management is an important way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and promote high-quality development of enterprises.

Lean management is also a protracted battle. After the leaders of the Lean Office organized a visit to the power distribution room on July 22, each workshop also started its own lean management in full swing. On October 23, the company leaders carried out the improvement of each workshop. checked.

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The road of management has no end, only a new and higher starting point. The implementation of lean management is not about starting from scratch, overthrowing and starting over, and it is impossible to achieve it overnight and once and for all, but to improve bit by bit and continuously. The company's footsteps will continue to move forward, just to create the most efficient operation and control model.

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