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Introducing the Side Outlet Tees by Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd., a top-rated manufacturer, supplier, and factory of pipe fittings in China. These Side Outlet Tees are engineered to perfection, designed to connect three pipes at a 90-degree angle. The tees feature side outlets that allow you to connect angled pipelines easily, improving the overall flow of liquid, gas or air in your system. Made of high-quality materials, our Side Outlet Tees are durable and can withstand extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive environments. They are highly reliable and ideal for various applications in the oil, gas, water, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. With Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.’s expertise in developing top-notch pipe fitting solutions, you can rest assured that these Side Outlet Tees deliver exceptional performance and long-lasting results. Choose our Side Outlet Tees to take your piping system to the next level.

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