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Compression Nut 1-1/2 inch Malleable Iron

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Customized Products as our client’s requirement.
CNC machining
Precise Threads
150 Class

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Customized Products as our client’s requirement.
CNC machining
Precise Threads
150 Class

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Keep every pipe fitting that our Clients’ received is qualified.

FAQ: Types of threads

Various threads available in pipe and pipe fittings are as follows:

Right-handed or Left-handed Threads
Nearly all threads are oriented so that a bolt or nut or any fitting can be tightened. By turning it in a clockwise direction, the item turned moves away from the viewer. And it is loosened by turning anticlockwise when the item moves towards the viewer . This is known as a right-handed thread. Left-handed threads are oriented in the opposite direction. There are also self-tapping screw threads where no nut or bolt is required.

Customized Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Compression01

Male Threads
In male threads, the threads of the pipe are on the outside. Here, tapered pipe threads like NPT, BSPT etc. are used sealing without gaskets.

Female Threads
In female threads, the threads are on the inside. Here too, like male threads, tapered pipe threads are used for sealing.

Male Straight Thread
Pipe threads like UNC, UNF, ASME, etc form Male Straight Thread.

Female Straight Thread
Straight pipe threads like UNC, UNF, ASME, etc.

Plain End
This is used to connect or insert into the bell end of the connecting pipe.

Bell / Socket / Flare
This represents the end length of increased diameter into which a pipe end can be fitted.

Flanges are used to connect fitting, via bolting or welding. There are basically two types of flanges, circular and square.

Compression Fitting
This represents compression nut and ferrule to connect to a mating pipe.

Pipe Clamp End
It is so designed so as to attached to run on pipe or other fitting.

Barb / Rib
This represents fitting ends to connect only non-rigid pipe or hose. It is sometimes used with a clamped end.

This refers to the installation of a coupling feature like an o-ring or elastomeric seal.

Some popular fitting types

Customized Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Compression02

Barbed Fittings:
They slide into soft tubing. For low-pressure installations, tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting.

Customized Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Compression03

Threaded Pipe Fittings:
These are the most commonly used fittings based on certain standards. For instance, there are threaded fittings of pipes in BSP (British Standard Pipe), NPT (National Pipe Taper), UNF (Unified Fine Thread) sizes for permanent, high-pressure pipe connections.

Customized Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Compression04

Cam Fittings:
They are considered to be quick-disconnecting fittings which are used with pipes and hoses. For instance, you can connect a female coupler to a male adapter and for a secure connection, pull down the arms. These fittings are capable of withstanding high-pressure applications.

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