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Guangyang District, Langfang City: Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. The export volume from January to May increased by 30% compared with the same period last year

—-Excerpt from Langfang Radio and Television Station Beijing-Tianjin News Network 2020-06-19 21:06 Published in Hebei

In the processing and manufacturing workshop of Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that the machines were running at full capacity and the workers were busy in an orderly manner, that is a scene of booming business.


Langfang Pannext Pipe Fitting  Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned manufacturer of malleable iron pipe fittings and Bronze pipe fittings, which has nearly 30 years experience on introduction, technical and  exporting in casting field. Its products are exported to many countries and it has a 30% market share in the Americas.


Since the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic, orders in the Americas have declined, and companies have actively expanded their markets in other countries, especially increasing their market share in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and ensuring a stable growth in exports.

The export volume of Pannext Pipe Fitting from January to May increased by nearly 30% compared with the same period last year, from more than 7 million US dollars last year to more than 9 million US dollars this year. According to the current production schedule, existing orders, production has been scheduled to August this year.

Time changed many things, but we-Pannext still make the supreme quality products of malleable iron and Bronze pipe fittings as the past.Though we encountered many hard times, such as Environmental protection issues, the United States imposed 25% tariffs, and now the New Covid-19, we were swinging for the fences in this field, to hold our commission-make the piping system worldwide connect well, to help people live healthy and safe life.


Post time: Jan-03-2023